About Us

Di•as•po•ra   [dahy-as-per-uh, dee-]
• Any group migration or flight from a country or region. Synonyms: dispersion, dissemination, migration, displacement, scattering. Antonyms: return.
• Any group that has been dispersed outside its traditional homeland, especially involuntarily, as Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

History and Culture are innate values that project a Race from obscurity and into the spotlight no matter where they are situated within the world.

One defining factor of Africa is her style; more specifically the colourful fabrics of West Africa. The African fabric of our lives, that often tells a story helps distinguish the people of this indigenous land. Design of a Diaspora realizes that these prints aren’t meant for just Africans,  but are meant to be shared with the world. Beauty in its purest form can be seen from all sides, and these prints molded into tailored creations give the subject the ability to say so much, without saying a word.

Design of a Diaspora aims to not only reconnect the African subject with their lost roots through fashion, but also to reintroduce the world to a realm of Fashion not yet fully discovered.